Born in Austria with roots in Montenegro.

Polytechnics Bregenz AT

Business School and Academy Bregenz AT

University of North London UK

London Metropolitan University UK

Bath Spa University/School of Art & Design UK

Artist/Photographer/Educator Platton Kunsthalle Berlin DE

Chicocihan Academy/Deutsches Lehrinstitut für Fotografie DE


Likes to show the world from his perspective

Dislikes to think of problems rather than finding solutions

Oliver is a BERLIN based Freelance Photographer inspired by humanistic expression and characteristics. For him taking pictures is more then just having a technical skill, but it also implies a social awareness. To him it is as much about raising his personal bar with every image, as to understand both the spiritual and material obligation. His works a number of genres but draws strong influences from  Pictorialism / Fine Art (Pellier Noir / Low key ) photography. 

Drawn to the classic beauty and depth of black and white photography and video work, doesn't mean he is limited to it. He is always trying to capture the unique essence and energy of his motives. His work intends to be timeless and artistic. The manifests of his endeavors are imprinted into his creative works.


He has been working/publishing/exhibiting internationally. In Recent years he has also been Art Directing/Teaching and Consulting.